Endless possibilities in Charming The kitchen

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Endless possibilities in Charming The kitchen

of your dreams
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Brooklyn Mill and Door

We are a full service, second generation wood working shop serving the New York Metro area.

With over 60 years of experience, our craftsmen are fully skilled in tradi onal wood working techniques; u lizing a wide variety of material including solid wood, veneers, plastic laminates and lacquer finishes of any color.

Whether it is custom furniture, doors of any size and style, or a custom high-end kitchen, you can be assured of a mely and faithful execution of you project.

Having an architect on staff allows us to work with your plans or create an original design to transform your ideas into reality. Our broad base of clients includes banks, brokerage houses, restaurants, bars, and of course private individuals and discerning homeowners, specializing in historical preservation.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next

  • Kitchens

    Built-in kitchens are the ideal option for people who have little space in the kitchen and want to take advantage of it as much as they can, but they are also very useful for those large kitchens, who want to have even more space and look more spacious.

  • Bathroom furniture

    The bathroom is an essential space in any residence, institution or space where one or more people reside, and bathroom furniture is also important to have in these rooms.

  • Cabinets

    This free-standing piece of furniture distributes and organizes the space inside the kitchen in a different way, bringing fluidity to the traditional operation behind the stove, especially if there are several people cooking at the same time.

  • Restoration

    Furniture restoration and design. Hands of craftsmen with experience of more than 60 years. We know how important those treasures are that have been in your family for many years.

  • Doors

    Broklyn Miall and Door manufactures lacquered and varnished, armored and armored, design, pivoting, special and rustic doors. Each door reflects the emotions that the architect or interior designer wants to convey when creating the project. Each design combines the sustainability of our products and the attention we pay to every detail when manufacturing a wooden door so that it attracts attention with its elegance and the way it creates uniformity with the other elements that surround it.

  • Windows

    Characteristics of a wooden window When used in our homes, wooden windows provide elegance, as well as unbeatable thermal characteristics. This is due to the fact that wood in itself is an insulating material, both thermally and acoustically. This gives it a clear advantage over aluminum windows, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the latter.